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Find everything from taco-truck tacos and tri-tip sandwiches to cheeseburgers and apple pie. Oakdale offers a variety of cuisines including authentic Mexican food, delicious Asian dishes, American standards, and much more. Whether you're looking for your favorite sit-down restaurant or in a hurry for some grab-and-go, dine-in, delivery, and to-go.


Find the best places to grab a drink in Oakdale. Whether you're looking for coffee or the best Bloody Mary in town, we've got you covered. Whether you're a local or just passing through, Oakdale has something for everyone, from coffee and beer samplers to margaritas and martinis.

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Taco Plate - Restaurants Oakdale, CA


Local favorites and hidden gems including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find outdoor dining, orders to go, and food delivery in and around town.

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Image: Taco Platter

Last Call Brewing - Pint of Beer


There’s some good beer in town! The craft brewery scene is growing, and the vibes are good. Outdoor seating, growlers and cans to go.

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Image: Last Call Brewing

East Meats West Food Truck - Food Platter

Food Trucks

Be sure to grab some delicious bites from your favorite food trucks found in various locations throughout Oakdale. Catch them at the breweries!

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Image: East Meats West Asian/American Food